Legal assistance abroad

Dabhorse is a representative of the interests of a company and lawyer assistance abroad. Dabhorse makes a unique offer for its clients for the complex implementation of services in foreign regions.
Support service for corporate and private clients in Russia and Eastern Europe

B2B service abroad

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lawyer assistance abroad

For a private person, remotely resolving personal issues in another country is often expensive and difficult. Resolving the issue of disputed property, registering a foreign company, finding good specialists in a particular area, finding the best deal on the real estate market, learning the history of the property being purchased, checking the quality of goods - all this requires a reliable foreign partner. It is in this area of interest that Dabhorse's legal assistance concentrates its efforts. Dabhorse international agent provides support for individuals and is your representative abroad.

Distressed assets management

Legal agent abroad

Litigation abroad is a lengthy and costly process. Resolving issues in pre-trial negotiations is the prerogative of the international service specialists of the Dabhorse customer. Our goal is to save the client's time and money. Selling illiquid assets or a lengthy appraisal and verification process can also take longer than planned. To do this, you do not need to constantly be in another country. We provide a lawyer in Russia and Eastern European countries.

B2B services

Сorporate service abroad 

Business consulting abroad will support your business and help you save significant funds. International Customer Service does what several different companies usually offer. Negotiating, searching for partners, market assessment, business consulting, support of commercial transactions and real estate transactions, the creation and registration of foreign companies, quality control and testing of new goods or raw materials.


Development of a dealer network for the countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan

Dabhorse company is launching a program in the B2B segment to expand the dealer network for its customers. In 2020, the pandemic hit the small and medium-sized business segment the hardest. This is due not only to quarantine, but also to problems in crossing borders. The pandemic has severely damaged businesses. The turnover of goods and services has dropped significantly, manufacturers also started having problems with the sale of finished products. The goods began to stagnate in warehouses. In some countries, the state provides support to business. The Dabhorse team works in the direction of finding partners for your business and accompanies the entire process until the conclusion of a dealer agreement. Increasing the reach of the sale of your product or service can significantly improve the situation and is a promising action in terms of external development.

Expanding business boundaries


The most effective mechanism for maintaining market position is expanding business boundaries. Continuous development is an effective management tool in a crisis period.
Before the start of the workflow, Dabhorse invites all clients to sign a confidentiality agreement for commercial information, as this step improves prospects and confidence in the partnership.


The cost

The cost of this service is formed on the basis of statistics of the monthly turnover of goods with a third party abroad. We approach the deal in such a way that the customer can compensate the development costs after a calendar month. Having a flexible pricing policy, we place emphasis on dialogue in each particular case.
Dabhorse's portfolio of services includes much more for the development of foreign business. Not all customers find it convenient to develop a network of distributors, so we offer assistance in opening branches and representative offices in Eastern Europe. Such a service can be comprehensive. From evaluating competitors in the market to finding a location and recruiting executive personnel.


Benefits of Dabhorse services

1. Lack of bureaucratic delays
2. Short terms of fulfillment of obligations
3. Flexible pricing policy
4. Extensive geographic coverage
5. Work with private clients and companies
6. A wide range of services

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