Customs clearance

Dabhorse carries out customs clearance and certification activities in Russia and Eastern Europe.


To confirm the quality of goods located or transported through the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, the certification institute is used for compliance with the requirements of technical regulations. This is a special process, after which the products can be sold or freely move through the territory of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union without additional checks. For the clients of the Dabhorse certification center, product quality confirmation is carried out according to an accelerated algorithm. Administrative procedures are carried out in the shortest possible time, which allows you to save time important for your business. Today, a stable team of specialists in the field of consulting and certification has been formed. During the activity of the company, the algorithm for interaction with state certification bodies, independent expert centers, laboratories and customs authorities has been steadily developed. This allows you to significantly reduce the time spent on obtaining the necessary documents. The resulting document is a certificate of conformity. It has a validity period and contains all the data on the passed quality assurance procedures.

Types of certification

Confirmation of quality compliance within the framework of voluntary or mandatory certification.
Registration and obtaining an expert opinion.
Expertise and confirmation of industrial safety.
Confirmation of fire safety.
Assessment of working conditions.

Customs clearance

Dabhorse offers a full range of customs services: customs declaration, statistical declaration, services for filling out documents reflecting the calculation and payment of the utilization fee, electronic preliminary notification of customs authorities, including the provision of security for the payment of customs payments.

Customs clearance of goods.

 You can entrust us with the determination of the codes of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the Eurasian Economic Union of imported equipment and the determination of all permits necessary for the import in accordance with the selected code.

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