Mediation of Dabhorse

Intermediary services in the countries of Eastern Europe, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

Increased business coverage

Оutsourced launch of a branch or representative offices in Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine.

The increased territorial coverage for any business requires significant efforts in other countries. Dabhorse assumes all the time and human costs to ensure the establishment and operation of the newly established branches.

The current list of Dabhorse services may change depending on your additional correctives.

Intermediary service of Dabhorse is a separate chapter of business relations that is aimed at providing various services to the client. A distinctive feature of mediation in business is the intermediate degree of the contractor's participation in the relationship between the client and third parties.
Two types of mediation contractual relations have become widespread and differ significantly from each other.


1. Commission agreement.


The agreement implies the presence of a principal and a commission agent. The norm indicates that the property remains in the ownership of the principal for the entire time while the obligations under the contract are fulfilled. The agent is engaged in the sale until the transfer of property rights to the buyer. The commission agent usually claims the right to be paid. The standard value is around 10% -15%.


2. Contract of order.


The contract is concluded between the principal and the attorney. According to the agreement, the attorney enters into a transaction acting on behalf of the principal and only at his expense. As a result, the rights and obligations under the contract arise for the principal. The attorney performs the actions assigned to him on the basis of a completed power of attorney. The attorney is obliged to fulfill the obligations arising from the terms of the contract to the first party. The attorney is also obliged to provide the partner under the contract with everything that he received under the transactions that were concluded by him on behalf of the principal.

Anti-crisis measures for your production

An increase in inventory balances, a decrease in demand, and receivables are the reality of a business during a pandemic. One of the measures to support business is to increase the coverage of sales of finished products to other regions. This can be achieved in the following ways: transferring part of the business to another country with a lower level of competition, developing a foreign dealer network, looking for partners in barter deals, looking for foreign partners to help enter new trading platforms abroad.

1. Consumption analysis.
2. Analysis of competition in your segment of goods and services

3. Estimated total costs for the entire cycle of work
4. Registration of a legal entity
5. Obtaining approvals from the required authorities

6. Search for a promising location
7.Construction or rental of premises

8. Recruitment and implementation of a CRM system
9. Preliminary advertising campaign