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Outsourcing is an agreement whereby one company hires another company that will be responsible for planned or existing activities that are carried out or may be carried out within the company and sometimes involves the transfer of employees and assets from one firm to another.
Outsourcing includes both external and internal contracts and sometimes includes offshoring (transfer of a business unit to a distant country) or near import (transfer of a business process to a neighboring country)
Outsourcing allows you to increase the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole and use the freed up organizational financial and human resources for the development of new directions or concentration of efforts that do not require increased attention.

Inventory audit


Transfer of the inventory process to outsourcing is usually associated with the solution of problems related to property accounting. The technology is based on bar coding. The carrier of information about the considered object is a special self-adhesive label with a barcode that collapses when you try to remove it (analogue of an inventory tag). Fixed assets goods and materials are marked with labels or tags. To collect information about property during the inventory, data collection terminals with a built-in barcode scanner are used.

Retail Outsourcing

Retail outsourcing is one of the types of business process outsourcing that involves the transfer of a number of operational functions of a retail trade enterprise to third-party specialized contractors. First of all, we are talking about the resource support of logistics, settlement and cash functions at the point of sale. It includes various types of work related to the movement of goods from the manufacturer to a specific place on the store shelf, including transportation, warehouse services, execution of cash transactions, accompaniment at the counter and merchandising. In addition, retail outsourcing includes functions related to packaging, packaging and packaging of goods that can be carried out by external companies both at their production facilities and directly at warehouses and retail premises. The duties of the contractors involved include setting up the entire business process on a turnkey basis, including the selection of training and rotation of the involved line personnel; quality control of the services provided; registration of the required permits and permits.

Logistic outsourcing


The phrase "logistics outsourcing" means the purchase from a third party of services for inventory management, transportation of goods, warehousing and all related business processes

Steps towards outsourcing

Outsourcing is the interaction of three actors: business (company management), IT department and external providers. From the point of view of the organization, the simplest level of IT outsourcing is one-time services. Strictly speaking, these include IT design and implementation services that are constantly associated with the construction or modernization of IT systems. Many companies use such services, and usually it cannot be called a full-fledged IT outsourcing.

The next level is outsourcing of IT infrastructure operation, which involves cooperation with an IT provider under a long-term agreement. This level requires a lot of effort on the part of the customer. He needs to determine the list of services transferred to the external IT department, clearly formulate the requirements for services.

The third level is outsourcing of business processes or business applications. Actually, abroad it is he who is considered a full-fledged IT outsourcing.

1. Standardization of business processes
2. Internal Service Level Agreement
3. Insourcing outsourcing
4. Search for a supplier and conclusion of agreements
5. Control

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